A fully transparent not for profit carbon credit retailer.

We help companies to offset their emissions by directly investing in community development projects.

Part of United Purpose, we implement development projects in communities in nine countries worldwide. These projects not only improve the lives of individuals, but also help combat climate change, through either energy efficiency or using renewable energy. Our projects are all Gold Standard projects – this means you can rely on the quality of the carbon off-setting we do.

If you are interested in discovering more about our carbon offsetting and CSR offering then please email our Head of Communications and Partnerships, Hannah Wharf:

How Carbon Offsetting Works

Our pioneering climate and development projects empower rural communities in Malawi, giving them the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. At the same time these projects reduce carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change. 


Energy Efficient COOKSTOVES

These innovative cook stoves are manufactured locally by entrepreneurs and sold into communities, reducing the amount of wood needed for traditional cooking. The provision of clean cook stoves also reduces respiratory illness caused by smoke. Read more.

Carbon offsetting


In the past 40 years we have helped over 35 million people to end the poverty they live in. As an innovative organisation we place a huge emphasis on monitoring and evaluation to ensure we achieve results and to help us to continually improve our impact. Read more.

Clean water

Clean Water Solutions

Clean water is provided through United Purpose's borehole programme that repairs existing pumps and installs new pumps where required. Clean water reduces exposure to water-borne diseases and diarrhoeal disease. Read more.

Sustainable Development Goals

Investing back into communities

Money raised by CarbonUP is returned to the community through our Community Development Fund and used for projects that lift people up out of poverty and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. These projects are community led and fully sustainable. Read about our carbon-funded children’s shelter in Mchenga.


If you are interested in discovering more about our carbon offsetting and CSR offering then please email our carbon expert Matthew Thomas,