UK Schools


In the UK our schools' programme, HandsUP, is helping to shape the next generation of global citizens. Since 1996 we have worked with schools to build young people's global knowledge, 'bigger than self' values and leadership skills needed to create a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world for all. 

We work with primary and secondary schools using our two expertly-crafted programmes; HandsUP for Health and HandsUP for the Planet. HandsUP for Health introduces children to the important of health and hygiene using fun games and activities. HandsUP for the Planet educates children on the important of sustainability. They are empowered to plan their own actions and assemblies to protect the planet and live more sustainable, healthier lives. 

Get involved: Our UK Schools programme and workshops are delivered by passionate and fully-trained volunteers. We welcome applications from new volunteers and we are always looking for sponsorship to help fund this work that reaches thousands of pupils and their families each year.