Board of Trustees

We have a board of eleven trustees who use their skills and experience to support the organisation, helping us to achieve our aims. They have overall control of the organisation and are responsible for making sure we are doing what we set out to do.

Chairman: Peter Ayres

Trustees: Adam Wynne, Alan Davies, CERI BRIGGS, David Bull, Hadi Husani, Sir Martin Davidson, Nicola Mushet, Steven Marshall

Management Team

The day-to-day operations are governed by the Chief Executive Officer, closely assisted by the Senior Management Team.


Kathryn Llewellyn - Chief Executive Officer

Kathryn has been involved in human rights campaigning and international development management for over nine years. Her previous roles include: Executive Director of The GREAT Initiative (a gender rights charity); Acting CEO and International Director of Pump Aid (a water and sanitation NGO working in Zimbabwe, Liberia and Malawi); managing ‘Live Below the Line’ for the Global Poverty Project and working as International Development Director for The One Foundation. Kathryn has won a number of awards including the Sheila McKechnie Conflict ResolutionAward for her campaigning work on democracy in Zimbabwe and an UNTLD award for social entrepreneurs. Kathryn is an advisor to Channel Four’s Battlefront show mentoring young campaigners.

Ben Jackson.png

Ben Jackson - Global Director of Innovation and Partnerships

Ben has joined United Purpose as Global Director of Innovation and Partnerships, moving after nearly five years as the CEO of BOND, the membership network for international development NGOs.  Ben is a passionate advocate of the need for international development NGOs to recognize and embrace change, and do things in bold new ways. With United Purpose, Ben will work with the team and a diverse range of partners to make innovative ideas really deliver in practice for poor people across the world.

Obi Ofokansi - Finance Director

Obi has over 14 years’ experience of working on global Business and International Development programmes across Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Caribbean. He has worked with Accenture, World Bank, USAID and UBS on areas that include. Obi leads on United Purpose's financial resilience; managing stakeholders; leading, supporting and motivating multi-disciplinary teams; reporting; strategic planning; risk and quality assurance.


Country Directors

Heather Campbell - Malawi

Helena Skember - Mozambique

Cedric Martin - Guinea

Juliette Lampoh - Ghana

Tony Jansen - The Gambia and Senegal

Tim Connell - Nigeria

Cornelis De Wolf - Bangladesh

Angela Brightling - Brazil