Goal 7: Affordable & clean energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Energy enables all aspects of development – from education and health to enterprise and communications. Rural access to electricity does not just make practical differences to people’s lives it also provides opportunity to develop a better future. This is why United Purpose continues to work towards ensuring equitable access to clean, affordable and reliable energy.


In Malawi, many people do not have access to electricity – there is currently only 9% access overall in the country and this is as low as 1% in rural areas. As part of our aim to help people around the world to lead more resilient lives we are helping to provide off grid electrification to rural villages in Malawi.

We are pioneering our own fuel-efficient cook stoves. The stoves are simple but carefully designed to need a third less wood than a fire. Bolted onto the outside of the stove is a device that generates electricity to charge phones, power small radios and charge batteries for an LED light. This simple piece of technology saves fuel, connects communities and provides income for families.