Our Impact

In the past 40 years we have helped over 35 million people to end the poverty they live in.

As an innovative organisation we place a huge emphasis on monitoring and evaluation to ensure we achieve results and to help us to continually improve our impact.

We currently monitor outputs, outcomes and impact through the collection and evaluation of our Global Output Data that evaluates our work under three categories:


To ensure that vulnerable people have more resilient and sustainable livelihoods and that economic growth is equitable


To improve health by increasing access to basic services like water, sanitation, primary healthcare and emergency food/ shelter


To improve government accountability to vulnerable people and to increase citizen engagement in decision-making processes, as well as increasing the respect for the rights of all people.


In 2015/16

We helped 3 million people UP out of poverty

759,532 with improved access to safe water

366,401 had a decrease in the number of ‘hungry months’

406,333 assisted with disaster relief

172,581 incomes and livelihoods improved