Goal 1: No Poverty

End poverty in all it's forms everywhere

Global poverty has halved since 1990, along with other organisations and governments we aim to help lift everyone UP out of poverty for good by 2030.

When we talk about being poor we are not just talking about money, or the lack of it. Poverty is about being denied choices and opportunity that others who are not born in to poverty get. This might be lack of food, water, healthcare or feeling powerless to make changes happen.

That's why we tackle poverty from the grass-roots and work with people across all levels in society.


Improving Livelihoods in Ghana

Mansara Mumuni is a shea butter processer in Kperisi, Ghana. Before she couldn’t make enough money to feed her family. But with our help she now has the right skills, equipment and resources to get better prices, offer wholesale quantities and receive a reliable source of income. Her children now have enough food and can afford to go to school.