Our Charity Group


We operate and support our projects through a number of subsidiaries that have become part of United Purpose.

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Village Aid

In 2014 we completed a successful merger with the Bakewell based charity Village Aid. Our first merger of this kind has been hugely successful for both United Purpose and Village Aid, allowing both organisations to come together and work in partnership to secure long term positive change for people in Africa.

International Inspiration

Sport is a universal language that breaks down barriers and creates a level playing field from which to bring about change. In October 2016 we welcomed International Inspiration's projects in to United Propose's growing portfolio. We are now able to utilise the convening power of sport to empower and educate young people (particularly girls and young women) and help create behavioural change around issues like gender based violence and hygiene. Since the 2012 Olympics International Inspiration have inspired over 25 million children and young people to improve their lives, with the collaboration between International Inspiration and United Purpose we can now reach many more.

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CUMO - Community Banking

Our micro finance organisation, CUMO works in remote areas of Malawi that most other financial service providers fail to reach. Our service plays a major role to the rural economy of Malawi, allowing entrepreneurs to start successful businesses and earn their own income. With a client base of over 81,000 of which 83% are women, we are lifting more rural communities up out of poverty.


Our pioneering climate and development projects empower rural communities in Malawi, giving them the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. At the same time these projects reduce carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change. 

Through CarbonUP we offer businesses the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions through the purchase of Gold Standard carbon credits whilst supporting the communities that create them.