Goal 4: Quality education

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Many children in poor, remote communities are deprived of a proper education. With a lack of literacy and numeracy, they grow into unskilled adults who struggle to find work or make an income.

We help children attend school by supporting activities to encourage teachers, providing electricity and school buildings, and providing toilets at school. We also teach literacy and other skills to adults to help them make a living and replace their lost education.

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Bridging the distance

Shimulbag, Bangladesh is surrounded by rivers on all sides and experiences significant land erosion. Due to this, children could only reach school by wading through dangerous waters – so most didn’t go. Due to our work with the community, the school has been structurally enhanced and a bridge was constructed. Attendance has now gone up and the children say “I am not afraid to go to school anymore!”