The Gambia & Senegal


Population: 1.8 million (Gambia, UN, 2012) 13.1 million (Senegal)
Life expectancy: 58 years (men), 60 years (women) (UN)
Human Development Index: 172 (Gambia), 163 (Senegal)/ 187

Gambians have seen a dramatic change in their climate. Seasons are less predictable as extreme weather (like floods, windstorms and droughts) becomes more frequent and destructive. When more than three-quarters of the population rely on growing their own food to survive, this has catastrophic effects.

United Purpose helps the poorest farmers to grow enough food and earn a decent living. We help by: improving horticultural, livestock and agro-forestry practices; providing access to potable water; encouraging access to new markets for fresh local produce; promoting micro gardening; nurturing new initiatives- such as reduced firewood use through improved fuel efficient stoves.

United Purpose is committed to increasing Gambia’s resilience and capacity to respond to disasters. In 2012 we built new partnerships in Senegal to help more people. In the troubled Casamance region of Senegal, we integrate livelihoods with community networks, capacity-building and peace-building.

United Purpose in the Gambia and Senegal seeks African and local market opportunities, as we see sustainable agriculture as the best approach for reaching the largest numbers of the poor by: improving land productivity and promoting farming as a business; protecting natural resources through community woodland management, agro-forestry and piloting fuel-efficient cooking stoves; developing skills and alternative enterprises; helping people to cope with future hazards, and ensuring clean water supplies.


Country Strategy

Our Senegal-Gambia-Cameroon-Guinea Bissau Strategy outlines the work we do in each of these countries and our aims for the future. Download it here.

Gambia Contact Details

Country Director: Tony Jansen

55 Kairaba Avenue, 2nd Floor Modern Stationery Building, Fajara P.O. Box 2164, Serrekunda, The Gambia.

+220-4396071   +220-4396072

Senegal Contact Details

Head Office: BP 25448, Dakar-Fann, Dakar, Senegal

Casamance Field Office: BP 1173, Zuiguinchor, Senegal