Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

A child dies every second due to poor sanitation. Providing water is one of the quickest ways to help people on the path out of poverty. It not only radically improves families’ health, but also saves time for women and girls so that they can work or go to school.

We drill new boreholes or rehabilitate boreholes if this is possible, training local communities on repairs and maintenance and ensuring spare parts are made locally available. We also help communities build toilets and hand washing facilities.

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Saving lives with education and clean water

Thirteen year old Victoria used to collect water for her family morning and night, this used to make her late for school. The dirty water also lead to sickness meaning more time out of school for Victoria and her siblings. With United Purpose's support the community now has a borehole, providing safe, clean drinking water to the whole community. Victoria says "I won't be late for school anymore, I will be doing better in class and can become a doctor when I leave school".