About Us

United Purpose is an international development organisation that supports communities living in poverty to secure prosperous, independent and sustainable futures. 



Our vision: a world where justice, dignity and respect prevail for all.

Our purpose: to tackle poverty and inequality, by enabling people to improve their lives for the longer term.

Our way: challenging the dependency culture, providing practical local implementation of the sustainable development goals and placing communities in the leadership of innovative solutions.


Our Charity Group


Village Aid

In 2014, we merged with the Bakewell-based charity, Village Aid. This has been hugely successful for both United Purpose and Village Aid, allowing both organisations to come together and work in partnership to secure long-term positive change for people in Africa.


International Inspiration

In October 2016, we merged with the 2012 Olympic legacy charity, International Inspiration. We are now able to use the universal language of sport to empower and educate young people, and improve people's lives. 



Our micro-finance organisation, CUMO, works in remote areas of Malawi that most other financial service providers fail to reach. Our service enables entrepreneurs to start successful businesses and earn their own income. With a client base of over 81,000 - of which 83% are women - we are lifting more rural communities up out of poverty.