United Purpose is fully committed to safeguarding. Our safeguarding policy sets out UP's commitment to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse, exploitation and organisational negligence. It also sets out the procedures, framework and guidelines in place to safeguard against abuse and respond effectively to incidents.

This policy sets out UP's commitment to protect the children and vulnerable adults we work with, either directly or indirectly, from any form of abuse, and to support them in their development so they may thrive to the best of their ability. It ensures that United Purpose is a safe, secure and child-friendly organisation with a strong culture of concern and commitment to protect the best interests of children and vulnerable adults. It provides a framework of procedures for action to put this policy into practice and to ensure that all UP representatives and partners are aware of their personal responsibility to uphold it, the code of conduct they must follow at all times, and the ramifications for misconduct in the event of breaching this.

Download and read the complete safeguarding policy here.


Our approach to safeguarding

In light of recent press coverage regarding safeguarding, exploitation and abuse, our CEO has written an open letter outlining United Purpose's approach.

Download and read the open letter here.