Population: 16.29 million (World Bank)
Life expectancy: 64.7 years (men), 68.7 years (women) (WHO 2018)
Human Development Index: 164 (UN 2017)

We first started working in Senegal in 2006. In 2012 we expanded our work to support people in the Casamance region by integrating livelihoods with community networks, capacity-building and peace-building. Known for its biodiversity and forests, this region is threatened by complex development factors and affected by climate change. United Purpose in the southern Senegal contributes to forest protection by reducing timber and charcoal trafficking through effective environmental governance and monitoring based on citizen involvement. We also support ecological livelihood opportunities and promote a culture of civic responsibility for environmental protection through a national advocacy campaign.  A large number of civil society partners implement our work there and have had their capacity built to be active agents of change and we have worked with them to develop a model of people to people peace building centred around livelihood projects that build social capital.  Meanwhile, in the capital, Dakar, around 60,000 children are engaged in begging on the streets.

Despite that Senegal has ratified all major international conventions on children’s rights, the failure of the laws application still remains and the phenomenon of children exploitation gets more and more critical. Our work in child rights and well being consists in improving the wellbeing of children in selected Daraas by facilitating access to health care services, engaging them into educational and sportive activities, accompanying them into the development of sustainable life project. 

Jokalante is a Senegal social enterprise established by United Purpose and a consortium of INGOs under the TIC MBAY project. Jokalante uses ICT based tools to deliver and receive information by voice in local languages to rural populations. This has been used to promote access to agriculture technologies, early warning systems for crop failure, climate advice and more.


Country Strategy

Our Senegal-Gambia-Cameroon-Guinea Bissau Strategy outlines the work we do in each of these countries and our aims for the future. Download it here.

Senegal Contact Details

Head Office: BP 25448, Dakar-Fann, Dakar, Senegal

Casamance Field Office: BP 1173, Zuiguinchor, Senegal