Population: 16.36 million (UN, 2013)
Life expectancy: 55 years
Human Development Index: 174 / 187

We began working in Malawi in 1988, initially supporting refugees from the Mozambican civil war and their hosts in the Dedza area.

Today we are one of Malawi’s largest NGOs, working in partnership with local government and communities across fourteen districts mainly in central and southern Malawi. Over the years we have developed a trusted reputation with most of the established institutional and non-institutional donors and organisations in the country.

We have a very hands-on, vibrant and skilled team of over 360 employees. We work in partnership with others to implement development interventions that improve lives through a range of projects including WASH, microfinance and income generation, livelihoods, food security, health and nutrition and sustainable energy.

Over the past 28 years we have gained significant experience in sustainable agriculture and food security; climate change and disaster risk management; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); nutrition; malaria prevention and control; community mobilisation and capacity building; sustainable energy; microfinance; and emergency response work.

We also wholly own CUMO Microfinance bank, the largest provider of rural finance in the country – providing savings and loans, entrepreneurship and financial literacy support to over 84,000 clients, 82% of whom are women.

Livelihoods and food security

Securing access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food all year round for everyone is a prerequisite to achieving sustainable livelihoods and breaking the cycle of poverty. Read more >

WASH and healthier lives

UP adopts an integrated approach to tackling underlying drivers of ill health, primarily focussing our attention on WASH, malaria, nutrition, and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) including HIV/AIDS, which are integrated into our other programme interventions. Read more >

Sustainable Energy

Access to basic, clean and modern energy is critical to sustainable, equitable development. Therefore, under our 2017-20 strategy, United Purpose will work to; Increase access to modern energy services, Enhance markets for sustainable energy, Develop innovative carbon finance models. Read more >

Gender equality

We believe that gender equality is an integral part of sustainable, inclusive development and therefore an important aim in itself. An equal society where men, women, girls and boys live freely and are able to fulfil their potential is a critical part of our vision for Malawi. Read more >

Humanitarian Response

Since 2012, we have distributed emergency food and cash assistance to 583,934 people making us one of the key emergency response players in the country. This includes reaching over 200,000 people after the devastating 2015 floods with immediate supplies, coordinating WASH in 10 evacuation camps, and recovery support across five districts. Read more >


Malaria prevention

Our Malaria Control Unit has distributed nearly 1.5 million long-lasting insecticide-treated nets since 2013. 

Read this article about the economic impact of malaria in Malawi.


Contact Details:

Country Director: Adam Davies

Malawi Head Office

Green Heritage House, First Floor, Area 13, PO Box 159, Lilongwe, Malawi
t: +265 (0) 1772 831

Malawi Blantyre Office

1 Michiru Road, Plot number 367, PO Box 1535, Blantyre, Malawi
t: +265 (0) 1823 761